Rank Calculate

The rank will be calculated at the time you buy / sell $MLM token.
For example:
  • Alex, Bob, Carl and Dave were friends and join the Multi Finance Protocol.
  • At the time they bought $MLM, the rate is 1 $BNB = 100 $MLM.
  • And they bought 300 $MLM, it means they got rank 3 and they could enjoy upto 3 levels of their below trading fees.
  • Unluckily, after a few days, the bear market came and the rate was 1 $BNB = 200 $MLM.
  • Alex was a diamond hand, he didn't sell any $MLM, so his rank was still level 3 and he could enjoy his 3 levels trading fees in $BNB without any worries. So he survived in the bear market!
  • Bob was a paper hand, he sold 33% of his $MLM, so he had 200 $MLM left; When he sold his $MLM, the Multi Finance system re-calculated his balance and checked that he only had 1 $BNB of $MLM, so his rank decreased to level 1, he could only enjoy 1 level of below trading fees. Poor Bob!
  • Carl decided to DCA. He bought 100 $MLM so he had 400 $MLM; The system also re-calculated his balance and checked that he only had 2 $BNB of $MLM token. His rank should reduced to level 2, but no, the system would not re-rank the buyers and hodlers. Carl still had 2 $BNB of $MLM and rank 3.
  • Dave was a whale-being. He continued to buy 500 $MLM and he had 800 $MLM (equal 4 $BNB); After re-calculated the balance, the system would increase the rank of Dave to level 4.
Tips: Buy and Hodl your $MLM to get the best result!